uchihakuroda: (Reality Sucks)
2011-06-29 11:27 pm

My icon has never been so truthful

Ok, so I disappeared again, but this year real life has kinda smacked me in the face hardcore, in that way that you kinda forget everything else.

But let's recap, shall we? First I was sick, just couldn't kick it. At all. And to make it harder, I had to take care of my son who also kept getting sick, so that just kept everything around longer, and well, it was a horrible mess. After that there was the stupidity with Comcast. Where they claimed we hadn't payed our bill for like 3 months and demanded proof that we had, in fact, payed them. That shit took forever to get settled because finding the receipts is a bitch, considering my boyfriend had no organizational skills what so ever. Then in April-ish was birthdays, a con, then the beginning of my Mothers bullshit. The latter of which got worse (claiming stupid shit, trying to make everyone feel sorry for her, so on and so forth, ect.). This which caused me to spend a while avoiding the computer, or at least social networking least I saw another of her posts going "My life sucks, my kids hate me. FEEL SORRY FOR ME DAMNIT [insert troll face here]" and proceeded to snap on her. And recently, as in since the beginning of the month all the legal shit started. Such as my mom possibly going down for Mental Cruelty toward my sister and brother, and that I might end up with custody of my brother, if she does. So yay, happy fun times with that (I hate talking to lawyers, fyi). Then Kyle's uncles gets arrested for meth and felon in possession of a gun (fucking dumbass, if you ask me) and has a whole bunch of shit at his sisters house (A.K.A. Kyle's mom's house). Which get's raided by the cops of course, and since she was the only one on the lease, it's all (the drugs, stolen shit, and the counterfeit bills) going to be against her. Which means she'll be in for a while. And this leaves Kyle and I to clean out her apartment, and her storage units (yes plural, that woman had 4).

But as such I owe an apology to Adstringendum as a whole, but specifically anyone who had a close relationship with my two characters. But further narrowed down to Wintaer and Hoshi. I'm sorry I fucked it up, again, and I feel like shit about doing it again. So please pass this along, and let my apology be spread to whom it needs to reach, and I'll catch you all on the flip side.