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So while I wish I could provide an herbal remedy for the lovely attitude the holiday season brings, unfortunately I cannot. I am not a miricle worker, never have been, never will be.

The point of this list is because looking through my f-list I see people who are posting about being sick, or are afraid of getting sick. So, here's a list of herbs, and what have you that I have either tried, or I have heard from friends that work well.

First I will start with the basic sore throat. This one is the easiest. Really, I swear by Green Tea made with lemon juice and honey. It always works for me, but I have a few others that work too.

Licorice - It makes a really good tea, and not surprising, it's also found in tea's made specifically for sore throats.

Sage - I'm not 100% how to make it, but I'm sure somewhere online you can find a recipe for it, but sage makes a good throat-spray.

Marshmallow - No, not the fluffy, sugary, white things you use to make Rice crispy treats, but the herb (obviously). It contains a mucilage, which coats and soothes sore throats. One tablespoon of dried Marshmallow root to one cut hot water three times a day is what's usually recommended.

Got a fever?

Catnip - It helps promote sweating, which will help bring your fever down. Made in a tea.

Hyssop, licorice root, and thyme - Make a tea from it, and it hill help lower your fever

Rosemary and lavender - together in a hot bath work really nice. And, it smells really good too!

Elder flower, yarrow flower, peppermint leaves, and hyssop leaves stewed in boiling water for about ten minutes, then strained makes another good one. It is said to speed up circulation, making you feel warmer, helping to sweat the fever out faster.

Breathing problems?

Alfalfa - mixed with mint, it makes a nice tea. Peppermint is a favorite

Catnip - Again, as said somewhere above, used in a tea

Chamomile - Tea, again

Elder berry - mixed with cinnamon and/or gigger, it also makes a good cold remedy

Garlic - not many people like to eat it whole, and making a tea out of it isn't the greatest idea, but adding it to your food, especially if it's fresh, helps a lot

Ginseng - Another one that is used in a tea. It's good with lemon and honey as well.

There are more out there, but these are just the ones I know of personally. Good luck, and I hopes this helped in some way or another. ^_^
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Warning: Cruise control caps with minimal steering )
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Yeah. You heard me. I'm 21, and I'm legal drinking age, so what now? Yeah, i'm gonna go get wasted. Would have done it tonight if I didn't have to work, but I had to work tonight instead on tomorrow so I could go out. I mean it's my 21st, and I would have been so very angry if I didn't get the night off. I would have liked to get Sunday off as well, but my boss insists that I'll be fine by the time I have to come. Shows you how much he knows.
Anywho, Happy birthday to me, and yeah. i'm gonna sleep nowz. It's fuckin 6:30 am. Stupid closing shifts......
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Well well. Lookie who's still alive~


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