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Perhaps things between us are questionable. There is much that we have been through, and while it has taken us a long while, things between us have settled into an almost peaceful union. That is, as peaceful as things might be, considering the lives we live.

I am not a violent man, I never have been. I will not go so far as to say I never lose my temper, but I do not intentionally hurt others unless it is needed. Even then, I prefer not to do so physically. Genjutsu, though I know you dislike it so -mostly on my part- is my strong point, and my preferred method of fighting. I cannot control how this other Itachi might act, and from what I hear I can only assume he is from an alternate universe.

I might not be able to do so, considering I cannot be in the other IM's while you are talking with this other Itachi, but I will try with everything in my power to make sure that never happens again.

I will give you no pretty words of love, or any kind of romantic speeches better suited for Jiraiya's novels, but I will say this: I think higher of you then the other ever will. You have come a long way from the boy I met that day. I am glad that you were able to set aside your vendetta, and allow yourself to get to know me.

I will leave you now, with this letter. You know how to find me, how to get a hold of me, and I can only hope that you will do so. Until you do though, I will wait.


Uchiha Itachi.


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